Holland Awnings

Holland Awnings – By Coye’s Canvas & Awning

Coyes Canvas and Awning is a premier awning manufacture serving the Holland Michigan area. We offer the largest selection of awning and fabric styles in the industry, so you can rest assured all of your awning needs will be met! From residential to commercial awnings in Holland, Coyes has got you covered! Since 1855, we have been delivering the best customer service and highest quality awnings. Discover why so many people rely on Coyes to meet all of their Holland awning and canvas needs, by getting a free no obligation estimate on your next awning project today!

Residential Awning Services in Holland, Michigan

If you are looking for one of the quickest ways to grow the overall value of your Holland home, then a residential awning from Coyes Canvas & Awnings is your answer. Our residential awnings do more than enhance the overall look of your home. Recent studies show that Holland residential awnings can help reduce heat in your home by as much as 55%, which significantly reduces your cooling bills! Not only do residential awnings save you money in the long run, but they also protect furniture, windows, and carpet from any harmful UV rays the sun throws at it. If you are interested in learning more about our residential awnings in Holland Michigan, call us today for a free estimate so we can assess your particular situation!

Holland Commercial Awning Services

Thinking about getting a commercial awning in the Holland area? No worries, Coyes has got you covered! We offer the largest selection of commercial awnings and styles in Holland Michigan. Commercial awnings are an amazing investment for any business looking to increase their companies overall image. Our awnings help increase the visibility of your company, making it easier for your customer base to find you! They also aid in protecting your building from any long term effects the weather can cause, such as erosion. Finally, a Holland commercial awning has been known to reduce overhead costs associated with cooling! At Coyes, we do more than just build and install your awnings. We custom create all of our commercial awnings for Holland in house, to make sure all of your needs are being met from start to finish. This allows us to guarantee your satisfaction and we stand behind all of the awnings we sell! Give us a call today and we will come out to your business to answer any questions you have and give a free estimate on your particular awning project!

Retractable Awnings of Holland, Michigan

Retractable awnings are the easiest way for you to control the weather at your Holland home. No matter if the sun is blazing or a light shower threatens your day, a retractable awning can provide immediate protection! Recent research has shown that it is around 20 degrees cooler under a retractable awning! By blocking out the sun, a Holland retractable awning helps keep your home cooler which means a decrease in your air conditioning bill! Not only do retractable awnings decrease your energy bills, but they protect furniture, carpets, and other home appliances from the harmful rays of the sun. If you would like to learn more about if a retractable awning is right for your Holland home, give us a call today and we can assess your particular situation!