Canopies in Grand Rapids & Wyoming

canopy-awning Grand Rapids

It is common for the word “canopy” to be used interchangeably with “awning.” Very often, they are even listed as synonyms in a dictionary or thesaurus. For our purposes, at Coye’s Canvas and Awnings we make a clear distinction between the two things. In our inventory, anything listed as a canopy involves support by poles or stanchions. Anything listed as an awning does not.

Customized Canopies

Most of our canopies are designed to be attached to a building. However, we also sell outdoor canopies that are designed to be freestanding. Generally speaking, our selection of canopies can be classified under canvas, metal or vinyl.

To get an idea of what type of canopy you might need, let’s say your primary residence or a second home includes a large deck or patio that you want covered during the sunny, hot part of the year. In that situation, a lace-on, fixed frame residential canopy might be perfect. It lends itself well to seasonal use and can be readily dismantled and stored for winter.

In contrast, a commercial property may need an entrance canopy. This can serve to protect walkways and entries from sun or weather. They often are used to make drop off points more accessible and comfortable. Here are some typical businesses that might benefit from an entrance canopy: country club, hotel, golf course, park with playground equipment, a childcare center, or gas station. Any place that serves children, routinely has people dropped off at the entrance, or where not getting rained on in transition might matter.

Whether you are in the market for a residential or a commercial canopy, we have striking options at a price to fit your budget. Please check out the rest of our website to get a better idea of what is available at Coye’s.

Types of Canopies

We can create a canopy or patio which allows us to create a weather protected area or cafe style to your bistro.

Standing Seam
Is a metal solution to any angular awning shape. We can use standing seam metal on any Standing seam awning Grand Rapids angular awning. It is not intended for a radiused awning such as a quarter barrel or a half barrel.

Free Standing
This means that the canopy is self supported and not attached to your building.

Shade Sail
Adds a decorative shading to your property. It is a decorative shade option, allowing you to use your imagination to provide shade for your patio or deck.