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Coyes Canvas and Awning is the top manufacturer of fine awnings for Grand Rapids residents. Our inventory of fabrics and awnings is the industry’s largest, which means you won’t have to go anywhere else for awning supplies. Coyes offers both commercial and residential awnings in Grand Rapids. From the time we opened in 1855, we’ve given customers the best service and products. Come see how our company has earned a reputation for exceeding all of Grand Rapids awning needs. You’re invited to enjoy a completely free estimate on your next awning project!

Grand Rapids Residential Awning Services

When you’re ready to upgrade the value of your home in Grand Rapids, come to Coyes Canvas & Awnings to look at our huge selection of residential awnings that offer fast home enhancement. According to recent studies, Grand Rapids residents can lower their home cooling bills up to a 55-percent heat reduction by using our Grand Rapids residential awnings.  In addition to the financial savings offered by residential awnings, they also ensure that windows, carpet and furniture last longer by shielding them from the sun’s UV rays. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of residential awnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and for a totally free estimate on awnings for your home.

Commercial Awning Services in Grand Rapids

Are you considering having commercial awnings installed at your Grand Rapids business? You’ll Commercial awning Grand Rapids  be glad to know that Coyes is ready to help. Our inventory of commercial awnings is the largest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For companies interested in boosting the image of their business, commercial awnings are a smart investment. One reason for this is the ability of awnings to increase recognition among customers in the community. In addition, commercial awnings are essential for keeping your building safe from the elements, including sunlight and rain. Yet another major benefit of commercial awnings is their ability to cut cooling costs and lower overhead expenses as a result. Coyes can handle much more than just manufacturing and installing your commercial awnings. Because Coyes builds each awning on a custom basis, you can be assured of satisfaction from the start of your project to its completion. Call today to have us visit your business, answer all of your questions and offer a completely free estimate on the awnings you have in mind.

Grand Rapids Retractable Awnings

For controlling weather at a home in Grand Rapids, retractable awnings are an unbeatable solution. A retractable awning can protect your home or business from both rain and sunlight. According to recent studies, the space underneath a retractable awning is about 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. The ability to keep your property cooler by shielding it from the sun means that a retractable awning can lower your air conditioning expenses. However, these are far from the only savings made possible by retractable awnings. Your carpets, furniture, and home appliances will also last longer when protected from the sun’s rays. Contact us today to find out more about how retractable awnings can be used to improve your property and to receive a free individual assessment.