SunSetter Awnings in Grand Rapids


With the warm summer months just around the corner in Grand Rapids, enjoying the great outdoors is likely at the top of your to-do list. But with unpredictable changes in weather, it can be hard to make plans outdoors for family gatherings or personal get-togethers. One solution to keep weather changes from affecting your lifestyle is a SunSetter Retractable Awning. An American made SunSetter awning gives you the advantage of being able to block out the sun or protect your gathering from rain and falling leaves or outdoor debris. It’s almost like having your personal outdoor room that can transform your deck or backyard in minutes.


Awning types 


When choosing what type of awning you want for your backyard or outdoor space, there are many different types and styles to choose from.


The Vista awning is a high quality lateral arm awning that won’t break the bank. This model uses a hand-cranked gear system that gives you the shade and shelter you need in just minutes. The structure includes a dual arm double cable system that doesn’t require vertical supports—the result is an awning the sets up in minutes and doesn’t require a lot of fussing or manual labor. Enjoy temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler with your lateral arm Vista awning.


The Oasis freestanding awning offers you a great way to set up a shady spot or cover your favorite patio all in a matter of minutes. Our motorized freestanding awning allows you to adjust your height and shade levels with the touch of a button. Protect your family members from harmful UV rays whether they are just lounging by the pool or gathering for a backyard picnic. You can also utilize our manually operated Oasis freestanding models. This allows you to set up the awning for a special occasion or anywhere you enjoy the outdoors and want that added layer of protection from the sun or light rain shower.



sunsetter awning Grand Rapids

Whether you choose a motorized or manual model from Coye’s, you are making an investment in your home and in all-around summer fun. Not only are you setting up a special area outdoors to enjoy your backyard, you are also saving money by reducing energy from getting lost from within your home. An awning can shade the entire side of your home as well as the entry ways where cool air can get out and warm air can sneak in. Outdoor furniture and deck space also stays protected from the harmful UV rays and penetrating rain when they are shaded with a SunSetter awning.


Contact us today and let us show you the difference a SunSetter Retractable Awning can do for your home.