Door Awnings

Door Awnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Give your home or business an invaluable touch of class with an awning or canopy. In Grand Rapids, a well respected and leading company like Coyes will come in, put them up to your specifications at an affordable cost and be out of the way before you know it, leaving behind a professional job and all the benefits of these great products.

Customizable Door Awnings in Grand Rapids

A commercial awning or canopy is essentially a billboard. It dresses up your environment and expands usable space without building on the property. It helps lower utility costs and energy usage. These ideal solutions enhance the property, giving it an appealing new look to anyone going by. A commercial awning will ultimately pay for itself. With prominent branding, it will attract customers and enhance your visibility. These awnings and canopies are available in many styles and colors. And they can be customized to communicate your business image, brand and product.


Something like a retractable awning can be conveniently opened or closed as needed. Help warm or cool office areas or specific rooms of the house through shading. A motorized retracting awning is excellent for enhancing outdoor break areas and dining spaces. And again, your business can take full advantage of the signage with distinct advertising, especially if it’s back-lit for appropriate night visibility.


Awnings and canopies provide excellent shelter for persons and property, safeguarding in all kinds of foul weather throughout the year. This can be beneficial when dealing with insurance door awning Grand Rapids companies and premiums as awnings and canopies reduce legal risks. They help manage energy usage, solar gain, utility costs and a better handling of overhead expenditures.


When giving awnings and canopies serious consideration, you can’t deny the return on the investment. They can even improve working conditions, creating smoking enclosures, bus shelters and outdoor eating areas. Whether commercial or residential, an awning or canopy will pay for itself and save you money.