Patio Awnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan

patio-awning Grand Rapids

At Coye’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are dedicated to providing the very best of retractable awnings for both decks and patios. If you are traveling through the area, take a look at the homes. Chances are, you will see some of our work. Our retractable awnings are not only highly functional but also help to make any outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis that can be enjoyed by you and your family.

Customizable Patio Awnings in Grand Rapids

Each of our awnings is custom made to meet your needs and is professionally installed by our team. After your new awning has been installed, we guarantee that you will be immediately delighted with the results. Some of our previous customers have commented on their new addition, labeling it as a romantic space and even a sanctuary from the outside world. Our awnings provide you with the shade and protection you crave without the unwieldiness and expense of an actual porch or gazebo. The vibrant colors of the awning also serve to give your home a vacation like feel, taking you away to an exotic destination without having to leave your yard for a minute.

Retractable Awning Grand Rapids

With one of our awnings, you will be able to transform any deck or patio into a beautiful space to relax and entertain your friends and family. A living room in the outdoors, this area will provide you with a welcoming atmosphere that both shades you from the hot sun of summer as well as from the rain on a wet day. The retractable awning also gives you the option of closing the awning so that you can bask in the warmth of the sunlight when the weather gets cold. With the flexibility that our awnings provide, you will be assured of the perfect living space regardless of season and weather.