Storefront Awnings

Storefront Awnings in Grand Rapids

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Give your storefront a dynamic presence and night time visibility. An illuminated awning maximizes your advertising potential day and night. An illuminated awning also provides security lighting for your store front entrance during the night.


Commonly referred to as a shed type awning, these are typically used for shade and weather protection with the angle of the roof in climate weather. They will shed to the front of the awning. Graphics may also be placed on the front vertical trust of the awning.


Are often used to cover your entrance. To allow your customer weather protection from your storefront to the curb. For in climate weather, a gable awning will shed rain and snow off to each side of the entrance making it easier and safer for customers to enter your store by protecting your walkway. It can also protect a long entry way. It is a V shaped awning.


Offer a design detail for the front of your building. A domed awning is typically used as an entrance awning, offering a distinctive design detail to your storefront. A domed awning will stand out in a different way than a traditional awning to your customer.


¼ Barrel
Offers you the optimal advertising area. The front vertical face of your quarter barrel awning allows you the most square footage for graphics.


½ BarrelMarquee 1/2 barrel store awning Grand Rapids
Also called a marquee, it is designed to cover the entrance of your store allowing your customers safe, easy access to your front door in any type of weather. Half barrel awnings can extend from your storefront to your curb.


Long Dome
Long dome awnings are similar to the quarter barrel, with the ends being radiused to give you the optimum in 3 dimensional visibility. A long dome is an elongated dome and allows your logo or other graphics to be applied.


Allows weather protection as well as maximum advertising space for your storefront.


Announces to your customers that you are open for business. In case studies, 24% of your customers are looking for you. Graphics welcomes your customers to your store front by delivering a specific message to your customers.


Is the most dynamic signage available on an awning. The eradication process removes the top coat cover of your awning, leaving a brilliant white underlayer. Once eradicated you can apply any translucent color to greatly enhance your store message.